Hello fellow pencil art lovers!

Welcome to my little corner of the globe, where it’s all about pencils and pencil art on paper.

As a practised Visual Artist for the past 20 years or more, I have had the pleasure of using some of the very finest drawing sticks available,as well as some…. not so fine.

The majority of the work you will see here is based on impulse and so hence the works widely vary in themes and sometimes style.

I push my pencils across the finest and very largest paper sheets with GSM (Grams per square metre) variations between 150-600.

I love the immediate delivery of expression on a surface that pencil gives you. With pencils it’s more of a commitment that you have to work with more so than paint as such. Personally I find painting fairly easy to reconstitute and amend if needed, where there’s only so many opportunities you have to correct pencils on paper before the paper is scarred beyond repair. Unless of course you’re after that worn and damaged type of finish.

So go grab a pencil (preferably a decent one), some paper, shut your eyes and let your hand be guided by your emotions!


Vinnie Gracanin 🙂


Vin head sketch composite

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Fine art created by hands pushing pencils on paper